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Apple Keynote 2014, was it that cool?

Last night, like so many, I tried to watch the Apple Keynote 2014, the fall edition with the launch of the new iPhones and the highly anticipated watch. And even though the video stream was an absolute mess, which I can’t understand in a time where video streaming is possible from a watch to any screen in the world, the products look amazing. I say products because I truly believe the iPhones are gorgeous. The watch less beautiful, the functionality of the device clearly screams #shutupandtakemymoney. But here’s the thing, was it all that new?

I have seen every feature before.

– NFC payments, my Galaxy S4 does that, no one supports the phone as a payment device but it can do it. I live in the Netherlands where NFC bankcards are now being rolled out. This connection is up to the banks so Apple I hope you can get them to support phones where Google couldn’t (or didn’t try hard enough).

– The camera is great, like the depth pixels but Androids from Sony and HTC have done that for years.

– Bigger screens, yeah they are bigger but this is actually Apple applauding Samsung for it’s screen vision. Maybe Samsung will sue Apple for the screen sizes, who knows. The resolution of the 4.7″ model is of course a joke, why would anyone make such a large screen at less then 1080p pixel size? And on top of that what kind of practical resolution is 1344×750, seems like a rounded calculation and like someone worked really hard to keep the ppi of the screen the same as in the old model. And why not use the extra space for more icons?

– I was most impressed by the gaming capabilities of the processor and graphics. But Apple doesn’t surprise me there, this is what they do best, since the A-series processors graphics performance has been great. But it is hard to improve if the market is ok with the current performance.

In my opinion Apple has done what every smartphone builder does every year, improve a great product in order to get us all to buy new ones. The improvements however do not seem that revolutionary anymore, most of what they have done this time round already exists in the market and has just been very well adopted in these beautiful devices.

Should you buy one? If you have an old phone say an iPhone4S or older, I say go for it, skip the 16GB and get 64GBs. But if you have phone that is younger than 2 years and specially if you have a droid, skip this release. If you have an iPhone5 or newer you have a fast processor, great camera and the ability to use all of the IOS8 platform be it on a small screen but you probably love that screen. Should you buy the watch? I won’t because my Edox still looks much better but if you have and IOS ecosystem in your bag it could be worth a try over the phone.



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