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Just a creative theory about existence

They say we are most creative in our dreams, all our waking limitations fall away and our subconscious mind takes over as our rational consciousness is resting. Some people remember all their dreams but most just remember a little bit of these miraculous experiences. I am of the latter group, just remember some stuff sometimes. And over the last week I remembered some. It was a creative theory about existence, about what it might be. And I would like to share it because may be interesting.

I was reading about extraterrestrial life and the Fermi paradox. It is a bit of a hobby, reading scientific articles just a bit more academic then the popular science and then dive in when it becomes interesting. Fermi once asked in a conference: “Where is everybody?” In which he meant the other intelligent life forms that should have been passing by our planet in their spaceships since the Universe is so old. That has never happened as far as we can prove but it should have based on statistics. Okay that was a really short explanation that doesn’t even cover a percent of what it should but it’s not what this blog focuses on. It got me thinking and dreaming.

I have always loved questioning our existence, not why are we but how can we be. What is our existence and how does it work? My main next thought was not about the life but about time. The Universe is 13,8 Billion years old and has been expanding ever since it began. So while time has ticked the universal space has grown. As science has shown, our Universe is a spacetime entity. And here comes the weird thing. We exist in a spacetime entity but we can only influence the space, time is out of our hands, literaly.

It is like time is a dimension we cannot interact with, we are its slave. Think of it as being a point on a plane in a cube build of planes that cannot interact with each other, you can move around on the plane but there is no way you can get to the others even though you might perceive them.

There is a phenomenon in our universe that creates / is the same effect. It is the event horizon of a singularity. On the event horizon of a singularity the gravitational effects of the mass in the center are so strong that light that all stuff that is pulled in is going faster than the speed of light, leaving a 2 dimensional image on the horizon. Like in the cube the mass can no longer influence it’s own spacial effects and the viewer cannot see the mass any more, only the left over image on the event horizon. This is actually why a black hole is black, even fotons are accellerated beyond light speed towards the singularity  making it impossible to see them anymore.

So back to our existence. We exist in a spacetime dimensional entity. A 3 dimensional universe in 4 dimensional container. The container is made up of time. We are in no way able to interact with time. Our experience tells us that time does not exist either after our perception of before. Making us like the dot on a locked plane in a cube. Yet in the cube there would be a constant but time is moving at speeds we cannot influence.

This brought me to my idea, what if 13,8 Billion years ago, a spacetime continuum in a 4 dimensional universe in a 5 dimensional container got near a singularity in it’s universe. It got to the event horizon ripping it apart accelerating it beyond speeds that it’s continual forces could withstand. The 5th dimension would be torn away from it and it’s 4th dimension “time” would be beyond it’s reach fully under the influence of the gravitational pull of the singularity. This moment would start the fleeting of time for the continuum and would make all other dimensions in it expand in a similar fashion time would. It would make the universe grow as time passes. All that the continuum consists of is torn and massive energy was added through the interaction with the singularity. This enabled the forming of mass inside the continuum on the event horizon making up galaxies, stars and planets leading to the existence of life.

And it would be logical for the continuum to have a certain size. limiting the amount of time, space and energy that it can expand to. Which would explain why the growth of the universe is slowing down. We are getting to half the size of the continuum which is biggest (I am visualising a ball but cannot explain what it should be in shape) and beyond that point less enters beyond the event horizon making the Universe smaller and ending time eventually. Since we have no perception of time in the beginning of it I also have no idea what that would be like.

I kind of like this idea of existence, our entire being would be dependent on forces completely beyond us able to obliterate everything yet creating it, fostering it for the moment it is. It tells me to live in the moment and be. But it also makes me wonder. What would it be like to be able to interact with time, the 4th dimension?



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