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So I have Plantar Fasciitis

My father has flat feet, and the socket of his left big toe is twisted outward. Guess what, that’s genetic so I have the same weak spot. Never guessed that actually it would be my right foot that’s vulnerable to one of the most annoying problems for running, Plantar Fasciitis.

Three days ago I went for a run as I am training for the Dam2Dam 10 miles from Amsterdam center to Zaandam center. It’s a great event with loads of runners held every year in the 3rd weekend of September. This year I am running for Por Eso! Check my other post on that. Running 10 miles is not a big strain on the body if you are trained well but my running is not really a routine anymore since I started Wing Tjun. Now running 4 miles is a good running training where I used to relax on that distance. So things have changed.

For the last month I have been walking on flip flops quite a lot, I believe that to be healthy for foot structure so I have done so ever since the weather got great in Amsterdam. And the 20th of July my great friends Mascha and Jan-Jaap (congratz forever you two) got married which had me standing on my amazing Magnanni shoes all day. Never considering the amount of stress that puts on my feet.

And after all that my running continued, first I did some great runs in Umbria through the hills, doing a nice interval defined by nature and the Italian government. That was incredible, much more challenging than the fast tarmac in Amsterdam. During the holiday we also took some long city walks and hiked the gardens of the San Francesco Basilica in Assisi (go do that it’s beautiful).
Back in Amsterdam I started the running again in the Vondelpark.

And on the 2nd run it started aching, so much actually that I walked (hopped) home. I immediately knew something was wrong, so I rested for 3 days. Today I thought I’d go for another spin and I flew over the tarmac, Simple interval training, 5 mins on 5 mins/km intervalled with 5 mins on 4:30 mins/km. Just a slight increase in speed. And when I came home it was OK, but after stretching, making diner and eating it, I sat down and the pain started.

This is probably one of my worst nightmares, I know how my fathers feet ache a lot and have done for quite some time. And I also know the consequences: no running, no running, no running. So I am quite happy that Chantal (http://chantalsoeters.com/) is a yoga instructor and she has studied her fair share of structural anatomy. Allthough we keep instructing eachother out of our relationship her solutions for taking away the pain and building up my feet could actually help my recover in time for the run!

Only one challenge remains, how am I going to train now, seems I am going to brush up the sportcycle again. If you have any suggestions on good running training while not running, I am interested in all of them!

If you have Plantar Fasciitis, check out these resources:



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