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The first battle in Wing Tjun: The battle with your self

This weekend should have been a great weekend for me. Sifu Sergio and his team of international Sifus of the IWKA are hosting the IWKA Summercamp in Osnabrück at the beautiful school of Sifu Wolfgang. I was supposed to be there but in stead I was in a battle with my self. I ate something bad the night before and was sick on the first day and didn’t recover until this morning. So yesterday morning I decided I wasn’t going to feel sick in a hotel in Osnabrück not being able to attend / practice any of the teachings with full attention.

So I took the train home. For me this was a huge disappointment. The Sifus only train the entire institute a few times a year and last time I learnt so much about Wing Tjun in 6 hours that this could have been a tremendous increase of physical, spiritual and energetic knowledge. Specially since Sifu Gerard of the IWKA school in Thailand is also a Chi Gong master.

But going home was the right decision, yesterday I spent most of my day in bed having quite the stomachache and a bad headache as well.   And not practicing friday night was also advised by Sifu Wolfgang, so maybe there is a Wing Tjun lesson here for me. Last week I over trained my shoulder a little and Sije Els (one of my teachers) urged me to take it slow and easy. Friday she did the same. I have been in classes quite a lot working to improve my technique and my physical and mental stamina. I just forgot the impact of so much training.

This weekend I just listened to my body telling me it was enough and that is was time to take a step back. So some things need to change. This week is our exam week, I hope to present grade 3 over the weekend. And after that the training regime will change, partly because of the roster and partly because I have to give myself time to recover.

In my earlier opinion the battle with my self was always about pushing harder and training towards improvement. I even did P90X and the 100pushups programm. But out of all those things I forgot about the recovery that every physical training regime incorporates. And before you start adding the comment, yes this is typical behaviour that leads to a burn-out.

So the battle with my self is something else, what exactly I don’t really know yet but I can now surely say it includes recovery time and listening to my inner voice.



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