Published on August 10th, 2013 | by Arnout


Training resumes: on the bike and in the Kung Fu school

Today I joined my sihings again for a Fihgter’s fit training. Basically that’s an intense full body workout that touches on speed, agility, power and overall condition. Nice training for any athlete and focussed on Wing Tjun practioners. Allthough I’m not able to do all the footwork, the jumping and the normal (arms to foot) push-ups, I was able to do 90% with some adaptation to my Plantar Fasciitis.

Running is still not an option though, with about 6 weeks to go it will get a little tight to make the 10 miles but I have been cycling to work and home for 3 days in a week now (20kms per day) on my big black regular city bicycle with a crate in front of the steer. And that has remolded my leg muscles quite nicely. The big question is now, will my foot have healed next week, and will I be able to run again the week after.

Keep you posted!



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